Trading, man-power recruitment, limousine cars, rent-a-car and real-estate business beside contracting, have been the mainstay of Arrubban earnings and core of the groups activities. Over 23 years of involvement in the business community, Arrubban have realised the visions and aspirations of our clients and customers through good management reliability, setting and attaining high targets of dependability and delivery.

The future of Arrubban
Leveraging on our managerial abilities and banking on our financial strength, well established relationships with the business community and the state administrations and above all to respond to the enormous development plans of KSA, Arrubban is now progressing serious negotiations with engineering and construction companies worldwide' to jointly respond to the demand; both in contracting and industry

We believe that Arrubban as a group, have contributed to help build Saudi Arabia to its present status of enviable infrastructure, health care and community services in the area and can now confidently enter into construction and industry in KSA on a large scale.


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